Circle of Hope

Daily Bread, Inc. exists so that no individual or family in Brevard County faces hunger or homelessness alone. Through a myriad of programs and services, we have successfully helped hundreds of individuals achieve long-term self-sufficiency. We are able to deliver our mission fee-free to so many people in need thanks to our many donors. We appreciate, value, and use every gift made to Daily Bread. Those who make a contribution of $1,000 or more each year become members of our Circle of Hope. Circle of Hope members are listed among our honor roll of donors and are offered an opportunity to receive a personal tour of our facilities. If you’d like to join the Circle of Hope, please contact us at 321-723-1060.

Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Armenti
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bansemer
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Berlinrut
Mr. Edward Breakell
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Brett
Mr. & Mrs. George Blackwood
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Baxter
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Beck
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Cerve
Ms. Kathleen Churchill
Mr. Michael Callahan
Ms. Meredith Carroll
Mr. & Mrs. Todd Christie
Mr. John Dupre
Mr. & Mrs. Keith Donald *
Mr. James Donovan
Mr. & Mrs. Drew Denkhaus
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Evans
Lt. Col. & Mrs. Steven Geer
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Glisson
Mr. & Mrs. John Geist
Mr. William Gulledge
Ms. Janice Hill
Mr. Erich Haeussler
Ms. Alexandra Harasym
Mr. John Harrison
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Koechlein
Ms. Sara Leon
Mr. David Dobson & Ms. Deborah Lusk
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Lewis
Mr. Michael Maguire
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Muth *
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Metoyer *
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Moshovetis *
Mr. Steven Nichols
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Njus
Mr. Michael O’Reilly
Ms. Florence Poor
Mr. Howard Pettengill
Mrs. Barbara Palmerino
Mr. Gerald Reddell
Mr. Ronald Salvaggio
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Smithwick
Mr. John Sainsbury, Jr.
Mr. Robert Schild, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Soldano
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Sammon
Mr. & Mrs. James Sartori
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Sibert
Rev. Edmund Tobin
Mr & Mrs. Howard Travis
Mr. David Tombs
Ms. Yvonne Trudell
Mr. Arthur Vandenberghe
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Venditti
Mr. & Mrs. David Vega *
Mr. James Wickell
Mr. James Weadick
Mr. Richard Wibel
Mr. Doug Wright
*denotes the donor is a member of Daily Bread’s Board of Directors