Corona Virus Update

Daily Bread Corona Virus Update 3-26-20

Dear volunteers and friends of Daily Bread,

“Thank you for staying open!” We hear this often at Daily Bread these days. People who are hungry and homeless are grateful that we have remained open in the midst of the Coronavirus situation. We could not do it without all of our friends and supporters in the community. Thank you!

We continue to be open every day and we have modified our operations so that all of our guests, volunteers, and staff will be as safe as possible.

All meals are now to go only. The number of showers is limited so that we can do more thorough cleaning between showers. As people wait in line for lunch or a shower they are asked to remain seated on chairs that are placed 6 feet apart. Surfaces are frequently sanitized and disinfected. At this time there is one gate that serves as the only entrance to and exit from our campus.

Our most intrepid volunteers continue to come each day to help us do what we do. Thank you! We also certainly understand and support any volunteers who have made the difficult decision to refrain from volunteering because they are especially vulnerable to the virus.

Many people have asked how they can help. Here are our most pressing needs:

  1. Volunteers to help with packing meals (8am-10am) or serving meals (11:00am-1:00pm).
  2. Towels, hygiene products, shoes, clothes (especially small size jeans, socks, underwear, bras)
  3. Financial donations (Many can’t give right now. If you can… Thank you!)

Our homeless neighbors are especially vulnerable to the Coronavirus for several reasons. Not least of all, as one of our partners recently said, “You can’t shelter in place if you don’t have shelter in the first place!” Please pray for us and for anyone experiencing homelessness in the midst of this health crisis. If you would like to volunteer, donate, or help in anyway, please call (321) 723-1060 or email

If people in our state or county are asked to stay home except for essential services, please note that DAILY BREAD WILL REMAIN OPEN. We are providing an essential service and all staff, volunteers, people making donations, and everyone helping us do what we do will be allowed to continue helping us provide this essential service. Together we will make sure our neighbors in need are not alone.

Thank you!

Jeffrey Njus
Executive Director